About Quinn

Climber, ranger, laugher, snorter, and exceptionally exceptional human being

Quinn Brett is a woman of legend. She was born in the arctic tundra of Minnesota, adopted by a family of wolves, and emerged unscathed to later become one of the most badass female climbers in the entire country. This is her story.

Quinn was introduced by chance to rock climbing at a young age and completely embraced the physical and mental aspects of the sport.

For 20 years she has traveled the planet, exploring summits and valleys, and climbing, hiking, practicing yoga, and laughing throughout the beautiful nooks of the world. She is a certified Wilderness EMT and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology as well as a Colorado teaching certificate.

She snorts when she laughs and loves doing handstands on outrageous mountain summits worldwide.

In 2012, Quinn set a new female team speed record on El Capitan. In the years since, she’s ticked off 5.13 sport and trad routes; helped establish a stunning new line up the South Face of Fitz Roy in Patagonia (The Colorado Route, 5.11c); established speed ascents throughout the United States; and has been part of major expeditions in remote ranges in India and Greenland.

Her most unbelievable climbing accomplishment may likely be her completion one of the most heinous feats of endurance sport: she climbed seven Yosemite big walls in seven days — you can read about the Tour de Ditch here. These walls used to take weeks to ascend even a few decades ago.

For the last few years, Quinn has worked as a climbing ranger for Rocky Mountain National Park and has spent her days rescuing injured hikers and climbers in the remote backcountry. The efforts she puts in on a daily basis have made a tremendous impact on our community, and especially on the lives of those she’s saved.

When she’s not being a ranger or summiting amazing peaks, she’s busy raising money for nonprofits like Paradox Sports, which helps disabled athletes get back after it, or she’s in Washington DC lobbying for environmental issues.

Nowhere is too far for a handstand

Quinn does handstands everywhere. They’re her expression of freedom, fun, and beauty.

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Handstands On Longs Peak

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