Handstands For Quinn

Jan 13, 2018 | 5PM | Estes Park

Enjoy this incredible evening of food, drinks, raffles, a silent auction, and the most exciting climbing films on the planet.

The Story of an Amazing Night

This event has a magical story, and it’s symbolic of the climbing community, our tribe, and the way we rally around friends and loved ones.

When we first heard of Quinn’s accident, we did the one thing we could think of: go climbing. It began as just a few of us in a small garage in Estes Park that’s been converted into our local underground training facility. We meet, laugh, train, and make big plans.

After a climbing session, we decided to reach out to the team at the REEL ROCK festival to see if they would be willing to donate a film screening so we might raise a few hundred dollars for Quinn. They graciously agreed. We initially planned on projecting it on a sheet on the side of someone’s house, and perhaps a few dozen of us could huddle in the cold and watch the films.

But the event very quickly snowballed. Everyone in Estes Park knows Quinn, and as word spread, our small army of volunteers swelled. We began reaching out to companies and discovered that they all wanted to support in some way or another. Some sent t-shirts, some sent hundreds or even thousands of dollars of climbing gear to raffle off. Everyone wanted to (hand)stand in solidarity with Quinn.


Each part of this event is a complete donation: the food, the drinks, the service, the labor, the organization, the show, and the auction items and raffle prizes.

This has been the production of Quinn’s friends, with generous help from The Access Fund, REEL ROCK, her friends and loved ones, and an endless and ever-growing list of people, companies and organizations in the Estes Park and outdoor community.

Every single penny raised will go to her recovery fund.

Handstands For Quinn will be an incredible night of fun and entertainment. Your ticket will cover the show itself, a party with food and drink, the world’s premiere climbing film festival, live music, and a silent auction and raffle with tens of thousands of dollars of prizes ranging from climbing equipment to prints from local artists to family photo sessions to sky diving and cliff camping adventures.

This event is not just for climbers — it’s for everyone. Let’s band together as a community to support Quinn, who’s been a vital part of Estes Park for more than a decade. Enjoy an incredible show, tasty food and beverage, and amazing people.

Thanks for your interest and support.



Talk by Estes Park’s own Tommy Caldwell
REEL Rock Film Tour
Live Music
Free Beer & Food
Silent Auction
Epic Raffle
Photo Booth



The REEL ROCK film tour, based in Boulder, is the world’s premiere climbing film festival. This year marks its 12th showing, and the movies on the schedule are probably the best ones yet. They are storytelling masterpieces of people overcoming odds and digging deep to pursue their passions and live their bliss.

This year you’ll meet one of the strongest climbers on the planet who also happens to be an unassuming teenager from the Front Range. You’ll learn what it’s like to climb without a rope above a roiling sea and above valley floors. You’ll see a one armed woman who lets nothing get in her way.

Break On Through

The top of the difficulty scale in climbing is the mythical grade of 5.15, achieved by only a few men and never by a woman. Margo Hayes, a little known 19-year-old from Boulder, is determined to change that. She has moved to Europe, where she trains and climbs with the goal of succeeding on two of the most iconic 5.15s in France and Spain. But pushing her body and mind to the absolute limit, she risks injury and failure in her quest to be the first.

Safety Third

For most climbers, it’s safety first. But Brad Gobright is definitely not most climbers. Fueled by day-old donuts and unhindered by a fear of falling, this young talent is pushing the limits of scary trad and free solo ropeless climbing. Having survived a few big scares, Brad is determined to make his boldest ascent yet — a first-ever free solo of a heart-stoppingly exposed and difficult route.


“I don’t want to be known as just a one-armed climber,” says Maureen Beck, “I just want to be a good climber.” Maureen Beck may have been born missing her lower left arm, but that hasn’t stopped her from going hard. She takes whippers on 5.12 and crushes overhanging boulders, while shot-gunning beers. But she is not here to be your inspiration. “People say, ‘Look, a one-armed climber, now I have no excuses.’ I’m like, dude, you never had any excuses in the first place.” Maureen is here to crush the gnar — with one bloody stump helping her get to the top.

Above The Sea

Chris Sharma remains the world’s greatest practitioner of deep water soloing — climbing ropeless above the sea. Ten years after his generation-defining ascent of a majestic arch, Chris returns to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca where he discovers a beautiful, sweeping wall with small holds running up its face. If he can link the moves, and endure the numerous heart-stopping plunges into the sea, he will establish what may be the world’s hardest deep water solo climb.

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